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  • Mapping Parking Zones, Garages and Free Parking in Zagreb (Croatia)
     Each year the number of cars in the city grows, causing traffic jams and lengthening the time spent looking for a parking place. That leads to dissatisfaction and stress among drivers.   Marija Milanović, geodesy student at the University of Zagreb, created an interactive Map Portal of parking zones and no… Read more »
  • New Release: Add Electronic Signature to Your Digital Forms!
     Our development team has been working on one of the key features for digital forms and delivered the Electronic Signature, an indispensable feature to support users in the field and make GIS Cloud solution for data collection even more powerful.  This form field allows you to capture an electronic signature… Read more »
  • GIS Cloud Educational Workshop With Indigenous Mapping
    Introduction to Field Data Collection Empowering the Everday Workflow With Online GIS   We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the Firelight Group for an educational workshop session on their Indigenous Mapping Workshop platform, the largest international geospatial conference for Indigenous Nations and organisations on Indigenous-led geospatial… Read more »