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  • Management and Monitoring of Green Spaces using GIS Cloud Solutions | Nestorio, Greece
      Our partner NubiGroup from Greece, helped the Nestorio Municipality, a small mountainous Municipality in Northern Greece, acknowledge the benefits of new technologies and implemented GIS Cloud solutions into its workflow to monitor and manage the municipal green spaces.   NubiGroup is our partner and a company that creates a new generation of geo-services, research,… Read more »
  • A brief overview of GIS Cloud Industries & Partner Use Cases
      As we have mentioned in our previous blog post, GIS Cloud works with numerous companies and organizations worldwide, coming from different backgrounds and government bodies. With this blog post, we wanted to showcase the industries and use cases where GIS Cloud has been successfully used.   Check out this… Read more »
  • Become a GIS Cloud Partner
      GIS Cloud is one of the leading cloud-based (online) GIS providers in the world!    We work with numerous global companies and organizations coming from different backgrounds and industries. Primarily, those industries base their data on a location component. We dare to say that more than 80% of their data… Read more »