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  • Form Translations – New Feature Release!
      One of the great things about data collection projects in GIS Cloud is that you can fully customise them to suit your needs. This also means that you can create projects in any language you want by simply defining the field names or any preexisting values in the language… Read more »
  • Single-band Raster – New Feature and Webinar!
      Raster data has always been a big part of our users’ workflow – from adding drone imagery to maps in order to keep track of changes on construction or development sites to monitoring crops, from watersheds to monitoring water leakage. You can always add a basemap – they are… Read more »
  • GIS Cloud Solutions in the Telecommunication Industry
      As the telecommunications industry is one of the fastest-growing GIS markets in the world, we want to showcase the benefits of implementing the GIS Cloud solutions to provide an effective tool for making data-driven decisions.   Companies use GIS Cloud for multiple purposes, from managing field operations to performing… Read more »