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  • GIS Cloud and Civil Engineering
      Civil engineering covers various disciplines, from impressive structures to critical water distribution infrastructure and sensitive environmental resources.   Each of these play an important role in society. Failures in either could have a devastating impact on society and the environment. Properly constructing and maintaining these assets is essential.  … Read more »
  • GIS Cloud and Water Utilities
    Imagine having all the answers at your fingertips.   What size water line is running down this street? What material is it made of? How deep is it buried? Do I have legal rights to install a service line running off this water main into that adjacent parcel? If so,… Read more »
  • Does Enterprise GIS (such as ESRI) Need To Be That Expensive?
      Geoawesomeness posted an interesting article exploring the costs of GIS solutions.   The article explores the pricing model of legacy GIS companies and the challenges of implementing open-source GIS tools at scale. It also highlights the trend towards hybrid open-source solutions, such as QGIS for desktop processing and startups… Read more »