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  • AI Meets GIS: Reshaping Data Analysis
      Artificial intelligence has recently hit the mainstream with tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Midjourney. These AIs are improving workflows worldwide. GIS and spatial analysis have now integrated AI into their systems.   With the latest developments in AI, you can leverage GIS and AI together. We will explore how… Read more »
  • Datagrid Reinvented – Powerful New Filters & Customizations!
      This is HUGE. You’ve been waiting for this. It will change how you work with Data.   We are so excited to share that a major release is out – a new Datagrid! It comes packed with powerful filters, including date range and other queries, neat table view customizations… Read more »
  • GIS Cloud And The Different Data Types
      GIS data comes in many forms and file types.   Making sure your GIS platform is compatible with the different types is important. Clients and data providers may send you the information in all forms, from shapefiles, to KMLs, to Excel tables with coordinates.   We will go over… Read more »