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Latest Webinars & Tutorials

Turn your QGIS map into a data collection project

If you missed our live webinar on Turning Your QGIS Map Into a Data Collection Project, we’ve got your back!

Take a look at our recording and find out everything you need to know about:
– making your QGIS map available online with a single click
– enabling field crews to start collecting data for your, now, live map
– and working with newly collected data directly in the QGIS environment in real-time.

You’ll get to see the full workflow in action, but stay tuned until the end as well as we answer some of your most pressing questions.

If there’s something we didn’t cover or you’d like to discuss your specific project requirements, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to send us an email at

Happy mapping!

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Nonprofit project: Mapping Assets of the Water Supply System in Kumba (Cameroon) to Ensure Safe Drinking Water

In the city of Kumba (Cameroon), displaced people settled in their farms lack safe water access and most of them and their hosts are also facing an increased risk of WASH-related diseases.

The New Generation For Christ NGO designed this project to map water resources using online GIS and a data collection app, to improve existing water points in Kumba (Cameroon) by making provisions of many outlets, and rehabilitating the water points which are not functional, with the goal to increase access to safe potable water and improve health conditions of the local population.

GIS Cloud Spotlight: Heatmap Analysis

Heatmaps are a way of visualizing the concentration of points within a specified geographical area where the individual values are represented as colors.

Explore the map:

GIS Cloud Spotlight: Map Embeds

Choosing the embed tab on the Share and Publish panel allows you to easily extract the code of your map necessary for embedding it into the website.
Visit explore the map embeds.