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Layer List

The Layers List shows all of the layers of a selected map. It also functions as a legend. 

Find Layer List on the left of the map.

  1. Layer List – show/hide layer list
  2. Map name – click on the map name to refresh it and to get map permalink
  3. Visibility – toggle layer visibility on or off
  4. Lock Layer – features can’t be selected
  5. Add Layer – add a new layer on the map. Find more info here.
  6. Remove Layer – remove the selected layer from the map. Find more info here.
  7. Make a New Folder organize layers into folders. Learn more about organizing data in our user guide.
  8. Share Layer give permissions for a selected layer to another user. Find more info here.
  9.  Zoom to Layer – zoom to a selected layer on the map. Find more info here.

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