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New project page

Create your custom form for field data collection using Mobile Data Collection Portal. Enter MDC Portal and then click on create a new project button to open a pop-up window where you define the basic information of your new project.

  1. Project Name – define the name of your project
  2. Copyright – get copyright for your project
  3. Project Description – type in a short description of the project
  4. Build New Form – create a brand new form
  5. Duplicate Existing Form – duplicates the form from a previous project of your choosing
  6. Project Type – choose whether you want to collect Point, Line or Polygon data
  7. Start Creating New Project – click on this button to go to the New Project page
  1. Name – name of your project
  2. Copyright –copyright for your project
  3. Description –a short description of the project
  4. Layer type – choose whether you want to collect Point, Line or Polygon data
  5. Form field dropdown menu – choose one of the form fields from the dropdown menu. Get an overview of form fields here.
  6. Add new field – after you chose form field you wish to add then hit Add new field button
  7. List of form fields – form fields which are already added on your project.
  8. Move fields up or down on the list
  9. Details – click for some more details on your fields.
    • Add description – provides an additional description of optional length to a particular field
    • Persistent – which remembers values from the previous submission.
    • Required – which means that the submission cannot be sent unless this field is populated.
    • Read only – the owner of the project controls which forms fields can be edited, and which are in the form as static non-editable data.
    • Default value – which is one of the values in the form or the default value.
    • Single line/multiline – which allows you to write in a single line/multiple lines (for Text field).
    • Autofill – auto-populate the field based on previously inserted values. Find more info here.
  10. Dependencies – it allows you to manage sets of dependencies between fields. Find more info here.
  11. Delete – it deletes a field from the list.
  12. Create project – to finish creating the project and to start collecting just hit Create project button.
  13. Back to projects – return to the project list
  14. Preview Form – preview your form
  15. Translate Form – use this option to start translating your form into different languages.

Note: It is not allowed to change or delete datasource created through MDC Portal.

Note: Add only one filed to your form and click on “Create Project” to enable autosave.

Once you are finished with creating a new project download Mobile Data Collection app to your Android or iOS device. Log in to your account, select a project you have created and start collecting. Take a look at our guide about field collecting with MDC app.

Learn more about creating a form for data collection in MDC Portal in our user guide. Also, take a look at our guide about dependencies.

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