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How to add 360° images?

Besides adding regular images on features in the Map in GIS Cloud, you can also attach and add 360° images. To do so, you can use Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection Portal apps. The process is the same as adding a normal image. 

Note: Make sure that your pictures have EXIF metadata.

Follow these steps to add 360° images:

  1. Open Map Editor or Mobile Data Collection Portal
  2. Click on the feature on the Map

Note: The layer needs to be added from Database Manager

  1. In Info Panel or Info Window click on Edit Attributes
  2. Choose a field where you want to add your 360° image and click on the Attach button or Photos field. Works in both cases.
  1. Select the 360° image from File Manager and click on Save.

And that’s it. You have successfully added a 360° image on the feature in the Map. To open it, just click on the feature on the Map.

Also, if any additional information is needed, take a look at our video about adding 360° images.

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