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How to export FID?

Exporting the feature ID (FID), an automatically generated column in GIS Cloud can be done in three ways: from the Data Grid, using the Export Layer option and using the Report function.

The FID column is automatically included in the Export Layer and Report option in GIS Cloud. Learn more about it these guides:

Export FID from the Data Grid

You can also get the FID by exporting the data from the datagrid. However, you first need to ensure that the FID is visible in the datagrid, and not hidden. Here are two options you can use to check whether the FID is hidden, and how to turn it on if it is:

  • In the Layer properties, open the Attributes tab and see if there is a checkmark next to the FID field. If not, tick the box!
  • In the datagrid (open it by clicking on the Data icon at the bottom of your map), click on the gear icon on the right side of the datagrid. If the FID column is greyed out, that means it is hidden. Click on the eye icon to turn it back on.

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