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App builder

App builder is a tool for customizing your Map Portal. You can create an user-friendly interface all by yourself, easily and quickly, without any programming knowledge.

To start the app builder open your custom app and add /builder in the URL bar e.g., and log in with your GIS Cloud credentials.

App builder will then open on the left side of the screen with number of options:

  1. Map – Select your default map from the list, which will open by default when the app is refreshed
  2. Toolbar – Select tools that will appear on the custom app
  3. Top Menu – Add buttons (connected to certain actions), set background color, hide and show search (magnifying glass) and set your custom logo
  4. Panel – Add advanced filters, open static text or open another web page within a panel
  5. Datagrid – Check or uncheck the box to show or hide the data grid on the bottom of the page
  6. Homepage – Check Show homepage box to show the Map Editor homepage
  7. Preview – Click to get a preview of all the changes made on your Map Portal
  8. Save – Hit Save, so all the changes are visible on your Map Portal

Learn more about how to customize your Map Portal using App Builder.

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