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How to connect MDC app to an external GPS device?

When collecting data using the MDC app it is possible to get more accurate location data by using external GPS devices. 

It’s been confirmed that our MDC app works best with:

  • Juniper systems Geode Submeter Receiver
  • GNSS Systems from Trimble
  • Eos Positioning Systems
  • Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor
  • Trimble Catalist
  • Stonex

Adding an external GPS device is really simple in the GIS Cloud MDC app. The procedure is different for Android and iOS users. 

Procedure for Android users

First, you need to do a quick setup on your mobile device. Follow theses steps:

  • Download and install the Bluetooth GPS app on your device.
  • Enable Developer settings in General settings. Enabling developer settings is described here.
  • Enter Developer settings and turn on the Allow mock locations option.
  • In the Bluetooth GPS app enable the Allow mock locations option and connect to the external GPS device. It might take a few moments.
  • When connected, you are ready to start collecting field data with the MDC app.

Now you are ready to connect your external GPS receiver via Mobile Bluetooth connection.

The next step is to login to your MDC account and go to Settings.

Once you find yourself in the MDC Projects – Maps & Layers section, please scroll down to find the External GPS button.

You can swipe or click on the button and the External GPS option will be enabled.

Procedure for iOS users

First step for iOS users is to connect to an external GPS device via Bluetooth connection. Once this is done, the MDC app will automatically recognize the connection to an external GPS device and it will not use the internal device’s GPS. There is no need to swipe or click on the External GPS option in the MDC app. You can just open the MDC app and start collecting data.

Our team also wrote an excellent blog post on achieving higher accuracy data with external GPS, so take a look at this link.

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