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Review and manage MDC users

After assembling your team, you can manage each collectors’ role by providing them with adequate Mobile Data Collection permissions. 

Note: MDC license has to be assigned to a project creator, not to a collector in the field. E.g., if you assign five Mobile Data Collection licenses to one user, he will be able to create a project and share it with five other users in the field through MDC permissions.

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The project manager (with the assigned MDC licenses) can now share the MDC project with his collectors and manage their access to the created data. The collaboration with other GIS Cloud users can be achieved through the Share or Publish panel in the Map tab.

When sharing your Map & Layer or Project with other users in the field, you can set permissions for each of them. By defining options for every user individually you can decide who will be able to collect, update, or just view shared data.

For data collection purposes, first, you must activate the View permission which will allow the person in the field to see shared data. This is basic permission that does not give any privileges to other users besides viewing data. Of course, regardless of which additional privileges you may want to give to the users (Update and/or Collect), it is mandatory that they can see the data.

Can collect – will allow the person in the field to send new data to a specific layer, but without the possibility to make changes to existing data or the one that he had already sent through the Mobile Data Collection application.

Can update – will allow the person in the field to make attribute and geometry changes for features in a specific layer, but without the possibility to send new data through Mobile Data Collection application. Note: deleting features is enabled with the Edit permission.

By enabling all permissions available for Mobile Data Collection, users can see, collect, and update all data in the shared Map or Project. Besides these, there are also Share, Edit, and Export permissions available. 

Additionally, all the permissions can be given to a map, layer, and datasource. This way, regardless of the map privileges you have set for a user, there are additional sharing options you can set for each layer and layers datasource individually so you have complete control over your data and collectors.

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You can review all your MDC shares in the Manager app of the project owner. There you will find a list of all shared maps, layers, and datasources under User Details – called Mobile Data Collection Shares

The number of MDC slots in use represents the number of unique users with MDC access to your resources. A single user takes up one slot, even if they appear multiple times, in groups, etc. From the list, you can remove all unnecessary MDC permissions and free up your MDC slots.

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