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GIS Cloud maps as data source

You can add created, public, or shared GIS Cloud maps to your current project.

Keep in mind, the sublayer(s) of the included GIS Cloud map can not be edited.

To add GIS Cloud Maps from our database into your map:

  1. Select Add Layer from the Layer tab or Map tab.
  2. Select GIS Cloud Maps as a datasource.
  3. Select the map you wish to use.
  4. Click the Select button.
  5. Click Save on the Layer Properties dialog.

If you’re looking for a way to combine data from multiple maps into one project, you can easily add the same layer into the current map as they are all stored in your File or Database Manager.

You can also duplicate it, either with the same source or create a new source/table.  

If you’re working together with other users, learn more about sharing layers and layer data source.

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