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List of projects page

Mobile Data Collection Portal makes data collection and project management easy and collaborative. Use it to create your custom form for field data collection and also to visualize already collected data. 

When you are done with creating forms, then install Mobile Data Collection app on your device (Android or iOS) and log in with your GIS Cloud credentials. MDC app allows you to collect data in real-time, work in offline mode, and much more. Find more info about collecting data with MDC app.

  1. Create new project – this option opens an empty form for defining a new project. Find more info here.
  2. Filter – search for the project on the list.
  3. List of already made project
  4. Edit project – it is possible to edit an already created form to change form items. Note that only the owner of the project can edit the form.
  5. Open project – review, and edit collected data. Find more info here.
  6. Duplicate form – use it to duplicate all fields and options, including dependencies, from the previous form. Click here for more info.

Learn more about how to create a form for data collection in MDC Portal, how to create form for data collection in Map Editor, and collect data with MDC app in our user guide.

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